Bitcoin and Ethereum up 35% since Jim Cramer Sent 'Crypto Warning'
Old man Cramer deciding what to tweet.
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Bitcoin and Ethereum up 35% since Jim Cramer Sent 'Crypto Warning'

Kris Kay
Kris Kay

Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money, and consistently a reverse indicator for any financial opinion, started 2023 with a bold statement:

As of time-of-writing, (Jan 20, 2023) Bitcoin is up 37% year-to-date, and Ethereum right behind at 37% up year-to-date.

But wait...Jim decided to double down on his anti-crypto investing stance just 9 days into the new year, (7 days after his first tweet above), telling his audience it is again a good chance to get out of crypto:

Well, maybe we're celebrating too early, and it indeed will be a bad year for crpyto..

But Jim is notorious for his reverse predictions, let's have a look at this beautiful meme, poking fun of Cramer's oh-so wrong call that he likes Coinbase stock ($COIN) at $475, and just 7 months later, it slid down to $38.

Jim seems to be on a never ending cycle of being a confused bullish-bear, regarding crypto.

Cramer loved Coinbase stock at $328, but didn't want to buy back in at $38, Cramer started 2023 off by saying "no" to crypto, but started 2021 by saying "PAY ME IN BITCOIN!!"

Whether the prices are up or down, it never gets boring to watch old man Cramer flip flop on his crystal ball predictions.

Our favorite part of this saga is the inverse Cramer account someone created, and the memes are evergreen:

Happy HODL'ing!