Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Stock Halted, FDIC Steps In
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Silicon Valley Bank Collapses, Stock Halted, FDIC Steps In

Kris Kay
Kris Kay

SVB Stock Halted

Silicon Valley Bank was home to many start-ups and companies which ran on VC-raises.

It catered to the Silicon Valley style start-ups as you can see in the name.

What Happened?

  • Customer deposits started going down
  • The bank had to sell ~$1.7 billion in shares / US Treasuries at a loss because of this.
  • Dominos started falling as liquidity crunch emerged.
  • Customers began pulling out at faster rate.
  • A bank run ensued. (hey that's us! BankRunners!)
  • FDIC steps in March 10th 2023, to handle repaying customers.

Are Deposits Safe?

This was an FDIC insured bank thankfully, so accounts with less than $250,000 will be made whole, as promised by the Federal Reserve's insurance.


..bad news to those accounts of businesses or individuals with more than $250k in the bank. FDIC insurance only covers amount up to $250k, but they have made a statement saying after the bank's assets are liquidated, those depositors might see a small portion of their funds, but it is doubtful.

What's the damage?

Report as of period-end December 31, 2022

Luckily, this was an FDIC insured bank.

We are not certain on the exact numbers but it is said that the bank had ~$250 billion of assets reported in the 4th quarter of last year, which is obviously not gone, but a lot of moving around and making customers whole will be taking place.

We will know more as information comes out.

This, is why at BankRunners, we support a transparent and open financial system, one that can only be accomplished through the use of public financial rails via decentralized blockchains.