ARB Token Airdrop and How To Check Eligibility

ARB Token Airdrop and How To Check Eligibility

Kris Kay
Kris Kay

ARB Token Details:

  • Market Cap = unknown
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap = unknown
  • Total Supply = 10 billion
  • Link to see if you're eligible for the air drop = HERE

How To Claim The ARB Token Airdrop

  1. Wait until March 23rd and claim it via if eligible.

What Is Arbitrum?

Think of Arbitrum as a branch of the Ethereum blockchain tree.

Arbitrum is a scaling layer built on top of the Ethereum main blockchain.

  • The network inherits the security of Ethereum mainnet
  • Provides cheap transaction fees
  • Provides very fast transaction speeds
  • Home to a thriving eco-system of apps

ARB Token Distribution

ARB Token Price?

Our good friends at Artemis did some napkin math and if ARB has the same FDV on release as its friendly competitor (OP), then that would give it a unit price of $1.06.

Now, we wait..

See you all March 23rd with more live updates on the ARB token price!

Happy HODL'ing!