There Is No Recession Coming: Crypto & Stocks Rebound Big

There Is No Recession Coming: Crypto & Stocks Rebound Big

Kris Kay
Kris Kay

Look out, a big scary recession is coming!

If you think a recession is coming, congratulations, you can read headlines.

The problem is, most people that are echoing this are using news headlines as their sources, and scary headlines = scary profitable for media outlets.

"Big recessions tend to catch everyone by surprise, we've been hearing about this one for 2 years now"

And by the looks of Google trends, doesn't seem like a recession would surprise anyone at this point...

"recession" search term on Google Trends

First, the doomers and mainstream media would not stop with the "Europe to have a scary winter recession" all of 2022,

well winter is almost over, and Europe did not have the big bad great recession that everyone thought was inevitable, did it?

Second, the headlines all of 2022 were about how the U.S. is facing an inevitable ugly recession in the 'coming months'

(these months have been 'coming' for some time now, where's the recession?)

Well, we kicked off 2023 with a bang, the bulls have won month #1 of 2023, by far.

We saw:

  • Bitcoin and Ethereum both jump ~35%
  • Heavy weights like TESLA jumped 60%+ !
  • The entire FAANG club jumped double digit %
  • CPI numbers for December were trending down
  • Unemployment report shows even employment is up
  • & even the most recent GPD numbers beat expectations...

But this is not enough for the doomers, they are now saying this is just the last rally before the storm.

2022 was a terrible year for the economy, we are not arguing that.

In fact, that IS our argument, we've already gone through such turbulent times, and we feel the fear is overblown, and people are traumatized still, causing them to position themselves defensively in their finances.

No, the economy is far from perfect at the moment, but it is even further from a recession.

We're no macro experts, difference is, we will admit it.

Here at BankRunners, we're averaging in to the future of finance via crypto, and NOT thinking short term.

Happy HODL'ing!

(NFA, DYOR etc...)